Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 'Hidden' Agenda

“Foul cank'ring rust the hidden treasure frets,
But gold that's put to use more gold begets.”
- William Shakespeare, Venus and Adonis

1: A diamond in the rough

We need money to get more of it. We need it to work for us as well. That’s the deal, that’s the kind of thinking we’re into, and that’s just the philosophy that got us where we are now. It’s all right, nothing fundamentally wrong with that. But it becomes an almost never-ending pursuit.

Greed is good, some will say. Until at some point we realize it’s a chasing after the wind. We’re lucky if we end up with just feeling the meaninglessness of it, it’s a different matter, when we talk of ends and means – how much wealth we accumulated and what it took, sacrifices, marred relationships, lost time and energy for happiness and enjoyment, and more often than not, even more heartaches. Then we ask ourselves, was it all worth it?

Through this little joint we should be able to see, examine and tap hidden resources around us to help us live life to the fullest at every stage and every aspect, not just the financial. It is true, the window of success can be narrowly defined in monetary terms and material wealth but that is also to limit it and restrict complete happiness and contentment. So early at this point may we encourage you to contribute great ideas and constructive criticism, because in sharing and helping each other we are able to reach our common goals – that is, success in most, if not all, aspects in life.

We will explore five (5) basic areas of life with the highest potentials in guaranteeing future success and even present enjoyment. These are arbitrary categories in life, there are definitely more of them in sub-groups and whole new groups entirely, it is not limited to just five.

We will look into potential itself as a guiding concept in investing. After that brief immersion into the world of potential or hidden power and resources that may seem concealed at first, we will start our journey into identifying how we can tap these vast hidden resources in our lives.

We may be surprised at that sometimes these hidden resources are really the commonplace things we may have taken for granted. We will see how we can take control of these resources to some extent and make them work at full capacity for success and fulfillment:

The Five Basic Hidden Investments (Our Key Categories)

Your Greatest Asset: Yourself.

Business Partners: Building Relationships

There’s Gold in the Hours

Sharing: Good Measure and Running Over

Making it Last: Wealth Management


Potential: The 'Hidden' Power

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