Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Investment in Efficient Time Management: There’s Gold in the Hours

“Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage”
Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)

1: Liquid gold being poured into mold

2: Brass Sundial

That's one good lesson from the master manufacturer himself. Time is a resource we often take for granted. We usually shrug at the old adage that time is gold, because it is cliché, because it's like an old record, and we're sick and tired of our folks always telling us that.

Be that as it may, time is a powerful ingredient in investments. Whenever we put money into an investment vehicle, it takes time to cook it up. Our investments, through interest and growth of businesses overtime, finally bear fruit. That's the basic idea behind investments.

Now, Here in The Hidden Investment, that's how we view investments as well, it is growth over time.

However, we also stress the importance of time in our daily lives. This is about taking care of how we manage time and make the best use of it. Every minute and every hour counts, we try to imagine that really, there's gold in the hours; and fragments of it in the minutes. The only problem is that we are only given it to be spent wisely, or else it's gone.

We will then explore how we value time as an investment resource - how it will bring us advantages and ultimately, success in general.

1) Making the Time
We do not, and cannot, apparently, create time, some say we can save time, but really, we are simply just spending it wisely. By making time, we mean, spending time efficiently. Much is said about saving money, that every penny counts, we will look into translating that into every minute counts, and see how exactly we can do that, at work, leisure, with the family and a lot of other things we do.

2) Taking the Time
Of course, it should give us an idea on which activities we should be really investing time on. Well Spending time on a certain activity is investing on it, unless of course if it does not have any perceivable potential. It's also about prioritizing, and measuring our daily activities against our objectives - one of which broadly speaking is, whether or not, it answers the question: Will this make me a better person, in a better position in the future?

3) Time Out
We can strive for almost 100% efficiency, but it can wear us out, we get tired, well, good news, we're human, it's all right to take a little time out. In The Hidden Investment we want all of us to be happy and not live bereft of fulfillment and enjoyment, just because we are “saving time”. We aim to be happy not only in the future but also now, in the present. It's living life to the fullest at every stage. Leisure time, rest, these are also investments for ourselves, making us better persons. We should be careful, though, not to overdo it, and also, still, to know, at the back of our heads, which are important for our well-being.

In a nutshell, we will consider time management techniques, spending time wisely and what to spend time on. We will also check to see if there are superfluous activities and an excess of unhealthy interludes, which make time management, even more difficult.

Grains of gold are ticking away, let’s take some, and put them to good use.


Again, The Five Basic Hidden Investments (Our Key Categories):

1) Your Greatest Asset: Yourself

2) Business Partners: Building Relationships

3) There’s Gold in the Hours

4) Sharing: Good Measure and Running Over

5) Making it Last: Wealth Management

three down, two left.

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