Friday, February 20, 2009

Investment in Yourself: You are the Greatest Asset You Have

“Only Cassius from bondage will deliver Cassius”
William Shakespeare Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 3

1: Headstand by the horizon

2: A Cat cleaning himself

Although “no man is an island”, we take a good amount of pride in being self-reliant. It is always great to be our own man or woman.

Hence, we will look into maximizing our capacity to think, work and generate and effectively use material and non-material wealth. In this area we will talk primarily about our well-being – taking care of our health, maximizing energy (using it wisely), and stress management – all this for the purpose of creating a mean green and clean machine, as it were, within ourselves. Here are the basic steps:

1) Self-Engagement
Now looking at all possible definitions of the word “engagement” these are the most appropriate for pursuing our point:

en·gage·ment (n):

2: commitment to attend: an arrangement to be present at an event, especially a business or social appointment

3: pledge for something: something, for example, a promise, that is freely made and that carries an obligation to do something

5: military battle: a battle or other conflict involving military forces
A minor engagement on the frontier

6: active or operational state: an act or condition of being activated or becoming operational

What we want to do is to commit ourselves in helping ourselves. Figuratively, definition number five may apply, as confronting ourselves and engaging in a battle for self-betterment. Definition number six, is also neat, and may relate to us getting ready to reach our goals or our potentials being activated for release.

2) Self-Enrichment
Part of this is also about self-enrichment – increasing knowledge, educating ourselves, ideas in taking care of our mind, using it at full capacity as well thereby maximizing the potential fruits it can render unto us.

Yes, You can be Your Greatest Mentor, among other people. One, because we know who we are, individually, to some extent, better than others, and no one is as interested in our development as a person as ourselves.

Hence, we can dedicate ourselves to learning and educating ourselves. This will keep us from boredom and eventually lack of interest in life, and impede our capacity for enjoyment and happiness. As long as we keep our minds stimulated and committing ourselves to exploring new ideas and new possibilities in life, feelings of aimlessness are first to dissipate.

3) Self-Empowerment
Being good, doing good, looking good and feeling good – we all want these, if possible, altogether. The good news is, yes we can!

Having a great purpose in life, focusing on our objectives, having the energy and time to pursue our goals and possessing the know-how, all of this will ultimately give us the power to make things happen in our very own beautiful lives at the very least.

The even better news is that we can give these to ourselves as long as we commit to it. The first step at least is committing our minds to the idea. We can subscribe to a great purpose in life; we can focus on our objectives, give ourselves the energy and time to pursue our goals and help ourselves gain the know-how in our endeavors.

And when we have empowered ourselves, we can help others too and make it an energizing and inspiring cycle of successful living.

Well, the important idea here is that we have to take care of ourselves, gear ourselves up for the challenges in life and strive to win our daily battles then savor our personal victories.

After all, in financial metaphor, the goose that lays the golden eggs for us is none other than ourselves, first, more than anyone or anything else.


Again, The Five Basic Hidden Investments (Our Key Categories):

1) Your Greatest Asset: Yourself

2) Business Partners: Building Relationships

3) There’s Gold in the Hours

4) Sharing: Good Measure and Running Over

5) Making it Last: Wealth Management

1 down, four more to go.

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