Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Investment in Your Family: Building and Maintaining Relationships (Part III)

"The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works is the family."
Lee Iacocca, Philanthropist, American Corporate Executive

1: I learned saving from daddy and mommy
2: A family of egrets celebrating over the
day's catch

Setting a good example for people to emulate starts with investing in oneself. The more we invest in ourselves, we create better opportunities and potential for success and when people see results, especially those close to us, who know what we’ve been up to, they begin to look into our lifestyle and ask about how we are able to do it, even little by little.

How exactly do we invest in our Family as our future business partners? We started with convincing them of a better perspective and way of life, through ourselves as the subject of a great personal life experiment. When even little change is evident, they will ask and start to listen. Here’s steps 2 and 3:

2) Get them to Listen, and then Guide them
Once they know what we are about or up to with this shift in perspective and applying The Hidden Investment principles, and are convinced, even at the least hint, by asking, we can then begin help them help themselves as well. The first step may take time though, all this getting them around to your side strategy, well, because of the complexities of the nature of individual attitudes. We have to remind ourselves that the last thing that we should be thinking of doing is quitting on them. There will be those who are easier to persuade, especially when they see results. A word of caution, though, in mentoring or teaching. Let’s not forget that it is their prerogative to determine what exactly they want to learn from us. Let’s keep from overloading them by volunteering information they do not need, yet.

3) Grant Opportunities and Give Experience
Let’s be leaders in our families. We may not be dad or granddad or mum or grandmum, patriarchs or matriarchs in our clans, but that does not mean we cannot be leaders in our families. Especially when we have proven ourselves successful in varying degrees and different endeavors, a lot of our relatives and immediate family members look up to us, for the younger ones and, set us as good examples by the elders. We then gain their trust. For those who were on our direct mentorship, we could give them great opportunities to test whether or not they have absorbed and practiced the ideas that we’ve shared. They can at least stand on their own and, as they say, fish on their own, since we have taught them to. We can extend opportunities to them and make them feel good at sharing not only responsibilities but also the potential for fruits, profits and gains to be shared to other members of the family.

Just note for the record, that this is definitely not about manipulating people for our future advantage. It’s about strengthening genuine relationships that last and a relationship built on foundations of manipulation for personal advantage is not going to last, and will even destroy lives, one of which could be our own.

The objective of this category is also to create more and more people like us in the family, so they can also reap the benefits of success for themselves at the very least, and at most, become our great success team and business partners. It’s always good to savor success, so much so is enjoying it with our loved ones.


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